(See what I did there? Being… being? XD)

You dread going to your organization meetings. That time comes and your stomach knots because it’s useless. Your organization is useless. Your role is useless. Or too much. You have too much weight on your back and no one to share the load with.

Or so you think.

Being an officer is more than attending boring meetings where nothing is decided, listening to guest speakers, and collecting dues. Being a good officer means more than working yourself to death and encouraging reluctant members to do their volunteer work.

Being a good officer requires more than being a star in your organization. It requires finding ways to reduce your workload, submit awesome work, and finding ways to contribute—even a little—outside your duties.

That’s how your organization withstands low enrollment, paltry teamwork, and disorganized members.

Here are 5 tips for stepping up your game and creating that great organization that you can be proud of having on your resume. 


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