Here is my review for Give and Take by Adam Grant.

So far, it's one of my best reads this year. It really solidifies my idea that I can be a giver and not be a doormat. This is a common problem for most people, especially if that person goes into Sales. You'll hear many people--friends--ask them in disbelief how they're ever going to do that, they're too nice!

You don't have to be a dominator to be in Sales, nor in any field. Adam Grant gives us a lesson in how to spot a giver vs. a taker, and also shows us how that giver will not only outperform the taker, but have a larger network willing to do anything to help the giver.

So here we go, here's my (short) review. There's a link at the end to buy, so please do! It will honestly make your life better and brighter! Rare to find in a non-fiction book :)

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