This is a list of the best blogs I read.

Well, not the best. I can't quantify that and choose the absolute best blog in the world. But I can give you reasons on why I keep returning to these blogs, subscribe to their newsletters, and generally fangirl when I see a new post.
Ramit Sethi at

So yeah, the name's kinda hokey, but this blog is legit. I can't afford any of the courses he offers, but I can't wait till I can. Ramit's all about optimizing your life so you can succeed and make big wins. Big wins for him don't include saving on coffee every day or using two sheets of toilet paper or whatever lame crap the penny pinchers have come up with. Ramit's all about those BIG WINS like, $100,000 in scholarships, reducing your monthly bills by "negotiating like an Indian", and saving for your wedding WAY before you get married.

Tim Ferriss at

I read Tim Ferriss' book when I was in my teens and before college. After that, I knew I wanted to design my lifestyle around me, not my "job." I still face fears from that realization/decision, but I try to overcome them every day. Tim's blog really helps there.

Charlie Hoehn at

Charlie's Recession Proof Graduate was the reason I began this blog and why I'm still blogging today. I even implemented the idea behind his free e-book by offering a talent of mine - beta reading - for his new book, How I Cured My Anxiety, a book based on one of his most popular blog posts to date.

I really recommend implementing the strategies in this ebook above into your life. It changes your whole worldview.

Chris Guillebeau at
I enjoy Chris' book, The $100 Startup, so much. His blog is about the art of non-comfority and he has several world domination guides that I enjoy. I suggest reading the 279 Days to Overnight Success.

Cal Newport at
I read his study hacks blog every day, even if I'm just browsing the archives. I can spend so much time on his site soaking in the knowledge Cal gives out. His books, How to Win at College and How to Become a Straight-A Student, have helps me so much during my time at school. Especially near final times when I take his advice and relax. A recent post of his that really resonates with me is Your Career is Not A Disney Movie.
The College Investor at
I enjoy this site because it gives me great perspective into ways I can save for the future, has a complete guide to student loan deferments, and profiles super successful college students with the entrepreneurial spirit.

College Info Geek at
Thomas Frank has a super sincere, goofy style that I'm positive everybody reading will love. You've probably heard of him or at least seen the site (you'd have to live under a rock not to!) so you know what I'm talking about. Thomas is focused on personal branding and becoming/being awesome. He's created an in-depth guide to building a personal website for his readers, which I recommend everyone read.

So those are my daily go-to blogs. All of them men, all about entrepreneurship. Do you know of any great blogs about entrepreneurship and college that you would include here?

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